Bvlgari, the Roman jeweler. Bvlgari, the jeweler of vibrant, colorful gems. Bvlgari, the jeweler which masterfully combines utter elegance, with an oh-so-Italian touch of creative madness. Creativity is the master word. Passion too.

In my eyes, Bvlgari is capable, year after year, of reinventing haute-joaillerie. This is not an easy feat, given the latter’s tendency to become snobbish and heavy rather quickly. Bvlgari’s creations are always the opposite: joyful, original, the jewelry is of very serious quality… Yet Bvlgari never takes itself too seriously. The jewels are furiously feminine, colorful and uplifting. The bejeweled incarnation of the dolce vita.

I have a very special affection for the gorgeous Bvlgari House but that’s hardly a secret for anybody.







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