At times, I feel like I’ve had enough of my face and my style published on this website. I want to broaden the scope of this page and open my blog to new horizons. From now on, my desire is to become the advocate ( 😉 ) of a refined and meaningful way of life, the ambassador for a community of excellence-seekers.

I wish to become the ultimate endorsement platform of a French art of living (just a hint of pretense never hurt nobody).

Every year on this website, I will reference creators who offer quality products or services, be they in the arts world, the fashion world, restauration or hospitality. If the quality diminishes from one year to the next, the referencing will stop.

Exit the fashion blogger status: it often comes with detestable market practices I never have nor never will give in to.

Exit fashion, which I dislike – enter style.

Exit blog, a term that has become cheap – enter meaningful commitments towards quality-producers and towards my community.

I have never really been a blogger. I am a person, a mature woman who has a primary profession as a lawyer. I have the means to refuse presents from brands in exchange for positive references. I have always preserved my editorial independence. If I like something, I buy it and I tell you about it.

However, from now on, if I dislike something, I wouldn’t hesitate to let you know why either. Authenticity has always been my motto and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

Luxury has nothing to do with prices. Luxury has everything to do with quality. Quality in our souls, brains, in and on our bodies and, ultimately, in every second of our life.

From now on, you will hear about style and opinions, yes, but also about my hot spots, be they restaurants, hotels, museums, young creators, household names or vintage shops that truly care about you.

No need to say that my hot spots won’t be those you would find in any so-called “top ten must-see places in Paris” published and re-published on end.

No more fashion blogger. Call it as you want: advocate, ambassador, endorser, mentor but this will be the new path.

This is my manifesto. And I hope you like it.



Fashion Shooting - Marquis Blog Paris. Pont Alexandre III



Fashion Shooting - Marquis Blog Paris. Pont Alexandre III

Fashion Shooting - Marquis Blog Paris. Pont Alexandre III

YSL coat – Bibi hat found at Eponyme Vintage – Agnelle gloves – Stella McCartney heels

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