When I was younger, much younger, I thought long and hard trying to understand what makes the beauty of a woman.

At 42 years of age, I am now certain of one thing: a woman’s beauty has nothing to do with her external appearance.

Let’s be 100% honest: wearing beautiful clothing, quality pieces and having good taste helps in the process of presenting a convincing impressionist painting that implies a few things about your personality and highlights your external assets.

But as I said, let’s be 100% honest: some women wear thousand of dollars worth of jewelry and emanate nothing other than that money they are wearing, whereas others wear H&M and Zara divinely.

Why is that? The answer is, in my opinion, quite simple and can be given in a few words: the “porté”, a French expression which refers to the way a person carries him/herself, for example the attitude with which he/she wears any garment.

This essential element, which it is rather inexplicable and very intimate is that which allows some women to wear their clothes just like they live their lives: with grace and elegance.

This essential, inexplicable and intimate element allow some women to emanate some kind of irresistible aura, be they in Gap or in Dior. Although I may be stating the obvious here, this comes from the fact that beauty really comes from the inside and you can call it whatever you like: humanity, altruism or just intelligence of life.

So these are just a few pictures of me in my favorite outfit of all, a pair of jeans, ballet flats and a sweater, an outfit in which I feel truly comfortable. It’s also the one which has the least concern with social representation and is therefore the most sincere, the most authentic in any given moment. This outfit is also my favorite because it includes my cherished sweater, which I found at Monoprix (our very Parisian supermarkets’ chain and a true Ali Baba’s cave, as some of you know it) in a moment of sheer luck and which I chose for its heather effect and because it’s the paroxysm of comfort.

And as I write (its 5 to 1a.m.), I am still wearing the comfy jumper that we shot today (because the questioning on what makes a woman beautiful came back during that photo-shoot), wrecked, with a skin that I find rather tired these days, no manicure whatsoever and sprawled out across my couch.

However, I can’t tell you that I feel any less beautiful than I would’ve had I been wearing a Dior dress, after a full night’s sleep, with a perfect manicure because I know that my beauty has nothing to do with the brand I happen to be wearing but everything to do with my emotional weaving.









Monoprix top – JCrew jeans – Repetto flat ballet shoes – Chanel sunglasses – Vuitton tote bag embellished with a Fendi fur – Vintage cuff – Max Mara coat

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