How did it get to this, you may be wondering…

It’s actually quite simple. It was one of those evenings when everyone is in a good mood that my sweet teenager decided to give her siblings a wonderful challenge: « what if each of us chose an outfit for mom’s blog? »

Great idea. Coming from a 17-year-old who has good taste, I didn’t really have anything to worry about…

The worrisome part comes in considering that her siblings are a six-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl.

So this is what my youngest daughter chose. She dived into my closet and found, I quote « the princess dress ».

It’s not that I make it a habit of dressing up as a princess.

No no no.

What she calls « the princess dress » is in fact a wedding gown. My wedding gown. A wedding gown that I never got to wear seeing as I never got married (although everything was ready: the contract, the ring, the ceremony… but we ended changing our minds and preferring a life of sin).

What remains is this gorgeous, tailor-made dress (… ten years ago, God the corset is tight, I swear it must have shrunk, right?) by Stéphane Saunier, which I only wear when the children want me to dress up with them (during Halloween for example, even if I’m not the least bit scary).












Stéphane Saunier gown – Fendi clutch – Christian Louboutin heels

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How grateful I am to your little princess that she has a liking for dresses like this- an absolutely amazing wedding gown! How wonderful that your ado had such a great idea! I am so happy she chose this to be published here – especially when this work of art never got the chance to be admired by a larger circle! Well, maybe it’s a piece that will be handed down one day…I love every detail of it- the wide neckline, the long sleeves, the decent beads, the simple, yet elegant cut- bravo!

Thank you my dear K… Much much love from Paris, I really hope to see you soon!