Who’s that girl?




Will you play this game with me?

Why bother, you ask yourself? Yet another fashion blog when there are so many.

I only aim to create what I could never find: a blog for active wowen, who seem torn, nonetheless, between femininity and professional credibility. As if displaying or embracing their womanhood magically anihiliated any professional credit. In their eyes and in everyone elses’.

I want a blog for women who are bordering schizophrenia, a blog for women who constantly change, going from pencil skirt to cocktail dresse to jeans (so convenient to roll around in the grass with the kids) to that La Perla corset on the eve of the night.

How can one deal with all of these roles? How can you arm yourself in order to live all of these different moments of the day with concentration and serenity?

Clothes don’t make a man but will sure as hell get him where he wants to go.

See it this way: the costume gives you a better understanding of the role.

And it’s blatantly true.

The figure you present your interlocutor with will give him instinctive insight on what lies on the inside.

Whether you want it or not, without even realizing it, when you leave home feeling confident, elegant, like a fearless knight beyond reproach, you’re ready to put yourself aside and to open up to the world.

Finding a way to reconcile your appearance with the deeper meaning(s) of your life is just another way of achieving harmony.

So, ready to start playing, even if you don’t know me?

You won’t know my name, it has little relevance. Honestly.

However, I can give you some clues on who I am:

I am forty, when this blog is launched (September 2015).

I am a true « Parisienne », born in Paris, living in Paris.

I am a PhD in law and have been working for twenty years. Until quite recently I was a partner in one of those fancy French law firms. Working has always been synonymous of travelling and even sometimes moving, be it New-York, London, Milan or…Zagreb. Lately, I have been doing my own thing as an independent lawyer, which allows me to play around with my current schedule pretty much to my convenience.

As a matter of fact, my timetable doesn’t only revolve around work but also very much around my children. I have two biological kids and a chosen daughter (that I didn’t actually carry). The former, who are still very young, drain me of all energy whilst at the same time giving boundless strength. The latter, who is in her late teens, keeps on delighting me with her vision of life. All three have a high comical potential, which I strongly encourage as it enables us to face everyday struggles from a light, philosophical point of view.

Let it be said that I am financially comfortable and let it be known that I love beautiful things. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde – whose philosophy touches everyday life – I know the price of nothing but the value of everything. The people who invest so much of their time, patience and work in a piece of « haute couture » or « haute joaillerie » inspire me with infinite admiration.

To be entirely honest, I can’t stand fashion trends. They wither and die even faster than they come, whereas style never ages – to quote Chanel.

And this is the whole point in the process of putting together an outfit: creating your style in correlation with your personality and your life. This is the reason which led me to be the one appearing on this website. Asking a brand to lend a few pieces or having a model embody my personal sense of style has never been an option. These are my clothes, my choices, it has to be me.

That which can be excessively superficial – appearance – can become the armor that helps you tackle the issues which arise throughout your day.

Any woman who runs from one meeting to another all day long, perched on 4-inches, will understand what I’m talking about. Try pleading before a court with five blisters on each foot, I can promise you that your plea won’t have much of an impact.

Our appearance-armor can also help bring true understanding of others. When you decide to be at peace with yourself, and therefor stop wondering if you look horrible or dressed like a sack, marks the end of you and the beginning of them. A kind of serene fulfillment perfectly embodied by Audrey Hepburn.

To cite Oscar Wilde (whom I clearly appreciate immensly) again: to be good is to be in harmony with one’s self. Discord is to be forced to be in harmony with others. That same discord is what you risk in the perpetual cycle of fashion trends, which change faster than lightening and feed you images and archetypes on end. You also take the risk to never define your own personal style.

Throughout my professional life, seeing extremely competent women trying to imitate men in the way they dress and act has always been a source of sadness. Apparently, being feminine is incompatible with being credible professionally. That is a tragic belief. Moreover, it is an utterly false belief.

Having a variety of different lives throughout the day is possible.

Yet, in order to dance gracefully from one life to another, you must be properly armed at all times.

Last but not least, this website is a reminder that life is a game. A serious game, but one nonetheless. So have fun!